Didymos 5 Winter Lilies with Hemp
Didymos Baby Wrap Sling Winter Lilies

Didymos 5 Winter Lilies with Hemp

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An opulent design and colour combination from Didymos in this beautiful Winter Lilies pattern. Created in a deep pink and anthracite giving you another two sided wrap meaning you can wear the black side out with the dazzling cyclamen coloured lilies showing or alternatively the dark pink side out making the lilies upon it look almost like a deep purple colour. On top of the stunning colours this wrap is a hemp blend so gives you sturdiness and toughness that we all need with kids around!
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Material: 50% Hemp, 50% Organic cotton
Surface weight: 250 g/m²
Colour: Anthracite and Cyclamen

The Lilies pattern is the same on both sides and you may wear either the bright pink facing outside or the dark anthracite - however it suits you best.

Due to the 50% hemp blend, the fabric is strong and supportive, with the diagonal stretch for providing comfort and security.


DIDYMOS wraps are shaped like a parallelogram - the tapered ends make it easier to tie the knot, and overall, create a neater look.

Can be used from birth onwards, and there are a huge number of different ways to wrap your little one in it. It can seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, wrapping is very rewarding. Slingheaven.com have FOUR Trageschule-trained babywearing consultants on staff, so if you need any advice we are only a phone call, email or tweet away! 

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