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Didymos Baby Sling Prima Dark Blue White
Didymos Baby Sling Indio Dark Blue White

Didymos Baby Sling Prima Dark Blue White

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Woven wrap with a two-coloured pattern: white thread for the warp, dark blue thread for the weft, the edges are blue. The Prima pattern is woven into the fabric and is the same on both sides, the colours are inverted. This fluffy soft Jacquard fabric is very tear-proof, it stretches diagonally offering optimal support and comfort when tied around you and your baby. DIDYMOS slings are shaped like a parallelogram - the tapered ends make it easier to tie the knot, and overall it looks neater. The slings will be a few centimetres longer than advertised, to allow for shrinkage after the first time you wash it (the cotton is untreated, putting your mind at ease should your little one start to chew it!). Can be used from birth onwards, and there are a huge number of different ways to wrap your little one in it. It can seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, wrapping is very rewarding. have FOUR Trageschule-trained babywearing consultants on staff, so if you need any advice we are only a phone call, email or tweet away! Dark blue/white indio Dark blues reminiscent of a stormy sky with a silver lining. Wonderful wrap if you want something understated without being too plain. A great standard for any collection! Material: 100% organic cotton Surface weight: 210 g/m² Short description: Soft Jacquard fabric, optimal diagonal stretch

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