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Kokadi Flip Baby Carrier
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Kokadi Flip Baby Carrier

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Kokadi baby carriers in a absolutely trendy design
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Purchase your very own wrap fabric carrier at the click of a button! 

Kokadi FLIP carriers are buckle carriers available in 3 sizes:

  • baby (approximate age range newborn-12 months). Seat width 42cm, back panel 34cm
  • toddler (approximate age range 10-24 months). Seat width 47cm, back panel 38cm
  • and toddler XL (approximate age range 18-30 months, or max 15 kg). Seat width 52cm, back panel 43cm

The carrier panel, waistbelt and sleep hood are all made of soft, scrumptious woven wrap fabric and the shoulder straps are plain black cotton. 

The waist belt is padded with thin, sturdy foam and shoulder straps with thick, soft, foam. 

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