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Liliputi baby Hood & Neck Warmer
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Liliputi baby Hood & Neck Warmer

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Keep your little one warm in the cooler months.
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The Liliputi® Baby Hood & Neck Warmer provides the warmth and protection that your baby needs to join you on your journey to the North Pole to get Santa's candies or just a walk to the city centre on a real tough winter. With this accessory you will be sure that your baby will have the neck and the shoulders protected from wind or from those sneaky shivering cold drops that may reach the unreachable. They no longer will touch your baby's sensitive skin. The Liliputi Neck Warmer with Baby Hood are made of the same fabrics as the Liliputi Mama Coat, water resistant, wind proof and breathable SoftShell, and are made in 4 awesome colours that will match your favourite Liliputi line or Mama Coat model. It is easy to wear, the hood is detachable and it will provide your baby with the top protection and comfort as it will also provide the last detail on a stylish combination with your other Liliputi products.

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