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Natibaby Wrap Passiflora Coral 3.6M
Natibaby Wrap-Passiflora Coral-

Natibaby Wrap Passiflora Coral 3.6M

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NATIBABY woven wraps provide extreme comfort of carrying a baby in many ways: tummy-to-tummy, on the hip and on the back. Other invaluable advantages of NATIBABY wraps are ability to carry newborn safely in upright position and even distribution of weight on both shoulders.
Part Number: Natibaby Wrap 3.6 Passiflora Coral
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Feature: Passiflora Coral
Feature: 3.6M
  •  Designed by a family run company, and made in Poland. Fair trade.
  • Made of strong cross twill or jacquard weave fabric.
  • Made from 100% cotton or 40% bamboo, 60% cotton and dyes that are Oeko-Tex certified, formaldehyde free.

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