Nova Classic Full Buckle Toddler

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The Nova Standard Full Buckle Toddler carrier is a great option if you want a lightweight sling that doesn't have a bulky waistband. It doesn't have a bulky waistband like other soft structured carriers and can be folded up into the side pocket of your changing bag.

It is suitable from 2 years right up to 4 years, or up to 20kg. It will fit users up to UK size 22 with ease.

It has soft padded straps that rest comfortably on your shoulders, there are clever little elastic tie ups so the webbing that you don't need after can be tied up easily (no straps hanging off you!) It has a small square of padding where the fabric panel meets the waistband. This stops the webbing digging into you like on similar style carriers and also helps prevent the 'Muffin-Top' look.

The Nova Classic Full Buckle Toddler size is a very supportive carrier. The straps cross over at the back and the angle of the panel allow for a nice low 'X' on the users back which means no pulling or pressure on your neck. It also comes with a separate chest belt if you wish to use the straps rucksack style. The body panel has a lovely curve that almost wraps around your baby.

It folds up very small and neat when not in use so you can either pop it under your pram or into a changing bag ready for sling cuddles!

Nova Classic Full Buckle Toddler is made in the UK & new prints are released all the time! 

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