Nova Onbu Toddler

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The Nova full buckle Onbu is a great alternative to a standard full buckle carrier as the Onbu has no waistband. It is perfect for pregnant Mamas who may not like having a carrier fastened over their bump or for those who prefer to carry the weight more on their shoulders instead of directly on their hips. 

It is the ultimate solution for those who want to mainly back carry. It allows you to get a really high back carry so your little person can see right over your shoulders when they are being carried.

This toddler version can be used for toddlers & kids aged 2 - 4 years and is safety tested up to 20kg

It has padded straps which cling to your shoulders and these make it incredibly comfortable to wear.

There is a separate chest belt included. This can be used to hold the straps in place during a back carry. The Nova Buckle Onbu is worn tightly and the chest belt is an optional extra. 

Join the Onbu club, there is a reason everyone is talking about them!

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