Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding hiring a sling, baby carrier or woven or stretchy wrap from Slingheaven's postal library.

Why should I hire Carrier instead of just buying one?

If you know what you want, then great! - we can help you buy. But if you don't, renting a carrier can save money.  There are so many different brands, types and sizes out there it can be confusing to know what to go for.  If you rent something before you buy, you can find out if it really does suit you, your child and your lifestyle.  Some people hire a special sling or carrier for an occasion such as a wedding or christening, others opt for something more practical for a holiday or everyday use. Whatever your needs, we're sure to have a carrier to suit.

Why should I rent a sling or carrier from you? We offer a huge catalogue and have the most detail online for each carrier, so you know what you're renting and can be sure it’s available at the time you need it. We have 10 trained babywearing consultants on staff, so if you have any questions, please ask! Contact us via our contact form.

I want to rent something, but don't know what.  Help!

We offer email support via our contact form. tailored advice via the sling questionnaire and live chat is available most evenings on the website.

How do I get hold of a sling or carrier to rent?
You request it and we post the sling to you!

What do I get when I hire a sling or carrier from you?

You will receive an email with details of the hire and a 'Hire Pack' which includes details of how to return the sling, a paid return bag and our contact details.  
The product page of the sling you have hired includes links to manufacturer's instructions and safe babywearing guidelines. And, of course, you'll receive the sling itself along with any appropriate accessories!

How long can I rent a sling for?

The initial hire period is two weeks on all slings and carriers. Extensions may be available. Contact us on the contact form. for pricing information and availability.

All postal loans get an additional 2 days added to their loan period.  So a 2 week postal loan is due back 16 days after it is posted from us, to you.  A 3 week postal loan is due back 23 days after it is dispatched.  A 4 week postal loan is due back 30 days after.  

Extra long rental periods may be available for some slings if agreed in advance.  Just contact us to discuss your needs.

I've got the sling or carrier I rented, but need some help using it.  

We have a videos and help page, offer live chat, with one of our 10 trained consultants and email help via contact form.

What costs are involved in hiring a sling or carrier?  
To hire a sling or carrier you need to pay a rental fee and a refundable deposit. In the UK postage to you and return postage is charged at the time of hire and return postage is provided by way of a prepaid postal bag. For hires in the Republic of Ireland please see our euro site Fluffheaven

How can I pay for my rental?  
Payment is made in full via the website at the time of booking, and is powered by Paypal.

How much are the rental fees?  
Rental fees are the same no matter which sling/carrier you borrow, at £15 for two weeks. For hires in the Republic of Ireland please see our euro site Fluffheaven
*Extensions may be available.

How much are the postage fees?  
Postage to and from you is included in the hire price.

When is the sling posted to me?  

Orders received before 12noon on a weekday will be posted out that day. after that time, or at weekends, it will be posted out the next working day.

How much is the deposit?  
A refundable deposit is charged each time you hire a carrier from The amount of the deposit is full retail value of the carrier.  This will be refunded on safe return of the carrier, after full checks are completed. If there are any problems, we will contact you to discuss them.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation before it starts?

Contact us via our contact form.

What happens if I return the sling back to you late?

If a sling is returned late to us you will be charged £1.50 per day in late fees, this will be taken from your deposit. Extensions may be made on a week to week basis, and must be booked before the end of the current hire period.

In what circumstances would you keep some or all of my deposit?

We do our best to resolve all issues quickly and to everyone's satisfaction. However, these are the occasions when we would take some or all of your deposit:

- Non return of the carrier.  This is deemed to have occurred once the £1.5/day late fee uses up the entire deposit.  Please ensure the contact details you give us are correct as we will attempt to contact you multiple times during this period.  However, please be aware it is your responsibility to return the sling or carrier on time.  You will be liable for the full replacement value of the carrier.  

- Late return of the carrier.  Late returns will be charged at £1.50 / day, taken directly from the deposit.

- Return of a carrier that is damaged in such a way that it is now unsafe.  The carrier will be retired from the library immediately and you will be liable for the full replacement value of the carrier.   

- Return of a carrier that is damaged in such a way as it is not unsafe but is permanently damaged or stained.  The carrier may be retired from the library.  If so, you may buy it from us at an agreed price.  Otherwise, you will be liable for the difference between the full replacement value of the sling or carrier and the resale value of the damaged carrier plus an admin fee of £10.  Please be aware that this may be more or less than the deposit value.

- Non-return of accessories.  The suck pads supplied with some hires will be charged at £15 per pair if not returned.

I've hired a sling or carrier but I don't like it or it's not right for us.  Can I get a refund?

Renting a sling or carrier is about finding out whether or not it suits you, your child and your lifestyle.  Whilst we do our best to help you find a good match, ultimately the choice of what to hire is down to you and we can't get it right every time.  We cannot offer refunds for any costs associated with renting slings or carriers under any circumstances. All rental and postal fees are non refundable once the hire period has started.  

If you let us know what you didn't like about it, we can help you find something else that may suit you better to try.

How do I look after the carrier whilst I have it?

Please treat it as your own while you have it. However; please do not smoke whilst wearing the sling or carrier and keep it away from smokers or smoky atmospheres.

Food and posset marks are expected when carrying children, but please keep the sling away from anything that may stain permanently (oils, paints, pens, hair or make-up products, nail varnish etc.), or anything that might damage it (scissors, velcro, keys, fire, etc.).

Should I wash the sling or carrier before I return it?

Do not wash the sling. This is because some slings and carriers have special care instructions for washing whilst others will fade with frequent washing.  We will clean all slings regularly and know how to deal with the usual marks. If you feel it is necessary that the sling is cleaned while on loan to you, please contact us first for advice at contact form.

How do I return the sling or carrier?  

Each sling will be sent out with a prepaid returns label and postal bag. Simply package the sling and take it to the post office to obtain proof of postage.

How do I get my deposit back?  

If you return the sling in good condition and on time, we will return your deposit to you We may return your deposit to you using a different method to that which you paid. If a deposit was paid by PayPal it can take up to 2 weeks to be refunded. This is an issue with Paypal and there is, unfortunately, nothing we can do to override this.

How do I extend the hire of a sling/carrier I already have on loan?  

Contact us via our contact form.for availability and pricing.

What if my question wasn't answered above?

Use our
contact form. to get in touch

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