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A bit of Storchenwiege History

As an engineer of textiles, I have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing textiles. We live in a scenic area close to Dresden where the manufacturing of textiles is a tradition. As part of my job I also work with midwifes.

 In 1996 my first granddaughter Anna was born, and my children developed a need for more independence , especially with a baby. My children love to hike. A stroller was extremely unfitting, a harness type baby carrier isn’t very good for the development of the baby. The midwifes enlightened me – the very best is a woven wraparound style baby sling. After trying and examining the wraparound style baby slings available on the market, through my expertise in textiles, I came to the conclusion that none of them had everything I would expect from a baby sling. My midwife friends said; "You are an engineer of textiles – manufacture a better one!”


I started to develop a fabric that would be best for a wraparound style baby sling. The baby sling needed to be durable to allow for carrying children into the toddler years, to be easily tied, to be soft to the touch, have the right diagonal stretch, and meet all the ecological specs. After all, my grandchild Anna was supposed to be carried in it.


 The result was STORCHENWIEGE – our own baby sling, certified ecologically sound manufacturing, diagonally elastic, and durable because I use a double cotton thread in both directions in the weaving process.

Our Anna relished in it. She was perfectly embraced and supported, like an invisible hand. The little fragile spine was supported correctly and Anna felt warm and loved.


Now I was ready to manufacture STORCHENWIEGE in larger numbers. As a special bonus I preshrink the baby slings to avoid shrinkage later.

Since then our STORCHENWIEGE baby sling is widely distributed and loved in Germany and all over Europe where parents successfully use our product.

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