Baby Sling

baby sling

A stretchy wrap is one long piece of t-shirt like material, usually cotton, that you wrap around you and your baby. They are perfect for newborn and lighter babies but not recommended for heavier babies or for back carries. This wrap can be pre tied before putting your baby in and they don’t need to be untied to remove baby again, making them very quick to use.

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Je Porte Mon Bebe Sling
Babylonia Bb Baby Sling
Lillebaby Tie The Knot Stretchy Wrap
Hana Baby Wrap
Baby K'Tan
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Not all stretchy wraps are the same, key differences are thickness and stretch. The denser the wrap and the more directions the fabric can stretch in, the more supportive it is.

At sling heaven we have ten babywearing consultants trained with Slingababy, Trageschule or both, we recommend you use this wrap in a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry. You can carry your baby with either legs in or legs out in this carry, the most up to date advice is to have baby’s legs out as soon as you feel comfortable to do so.

Our top tip for stretchy wraps: make sure the wrap is stretched snugly before you put baby in.