How Do We Decide Which Baby Carriers?

Quite simply, we are the experts when it comes to baby carriers and our aim is to help you continue being you with our knowledge and background. We test, test and test, based on our extensive baby carrier training,  feedback from our customers, our parent panel, our staff, and our own judgment means we know when a carrier is a good, and when its best for you.


Research & Training

We have spent thousands of hours testing and researching baby carriers, doing intensive baby carrier courses, trying on carriers, using them, and helping families use them. We have tried hundreds of products, so you don't have to. We know what works and what will work for you. All of our staff are just about the highest trained baby carrier consultants you can get, and yes, we train other baby stores to use baby carriers.

KatieHands-On Testing

We use the baby carriers on a daily basis, giving us expert insight into which carriers are better through a hands-on testing experience. Between our team, we have over 100 years, YES YEARS! of baby carrying our babies and helping parents carry theirs. And we have completed over 2000 hours of baby carrying classes and courses. 

baby carrier reviewsReview Analysis

We also help parents in our shop and we take their reviews and our existing customer reviews into account to see what others have to say about a specific product - this allows us to gain exceptional insight into the value the baby carrier delivers. We ask parents to always come back to use with their insights so we can continually build on our expertise.

Meet Our Baby Carrier Team
Katie maebh Karen
Katie is a Baby Carrier expert who has trained with both Trageschule and Slingbaby. She teaches our baby carrier class every Thursday in our Shop. With over 6 years of baby carrying experience, she has helped hundreds of parents find the perfect carrier for them. You will also find Katie in a wide range of baby carrying videos, shes the only one brave enough to face the lens! Maebh is the founder, and has trained with both Trageschule (Certified Level) and Slingbaby. With 27 years of baby carrying & training under her belt (yes we did mean 27 years - she first carried her son Seamus ~ who is now also a baby carrying consultant! 27 years ago), she felt the need to bring all her knowledge and experience into one website to help many more parents find the love of baby wearing. Karen in our Senior Baby Carrying Service Advisor. Having carried 3 babies for nearly 7 years, Karen has been trained in our Baby Carrying Academy (Did you know, we have trained most of the high street shops staff in how to use baby carriers through our Academy), and is now responsible for thoroughly researching any new carriers we might bring in and ensuring our service level is second to none! 
What is Sling Heaven?

At Sling Heaven there is one thing we know, baby carriers. For over 15 years we have specialised in having the very best baby carriers on our site. We have spent thousands of hours (literally, thousands!) training to be some of the top baby carrier consultants in the UK. ALL OUR STAFF are baby carrier consultants, trained to Trageschule Certified and Slingbaby, yep both of the leading schools of baby training in Europe. We have dedicated large chunks of our lives to becoming the expert in this field so that we can help YOU find YOUR perfect baby carrier. Everyones needs are different, we take that all into account when helping you find the best baby carrier. What we don't know about baby carriers, quite simply isn't worth knowing. We are the baby carrier specialists! We only stock the very best baby carriers, which are ergonomically optimal, comfortable and work! Yes, go elsewhere and you can find a myriad of baby carriers not stocked by us, and to be frank, there is a reason for that, we won't stock anything and everything. To get onto our site a carrier will have gone through rigourous training by us, and the thouands of parents we have helped carry their babies comfortably and safely over the years! We don't have a vested interest in any brand of baby carrier, we are fully indepent and we therefore we are better placed to give you honest and independent advice.