Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier Embossed
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Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier Embossed

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TICK No need for seperate baby insert
TICK Front panel can be rolled away to allow better air circulation
TICK Integrated Lumbar Support
TICK 6 Carrying Positions
TICK The back panel adjustability means this will last the same as most toddler carriers.
TICK Dual adjustability can be fastened front & back, and straps can be crossed.
TICK Less padding so better for petite moms.
TICK Excellent temperature regulation.


cross Not enough pretty prints.
cross Pricey.
The ONLY reason this carrier did not win best overall, was simply because it did not come with many print options. In fairness, if that is the only downside to this carrier we can find, it speaks volumes!

The Lillebaby Embossed takes the the all singing and dancing Lillebaby baby carrier and turns it into a luxury must have. The outer micro cloth feels like silk but exceptionally easy to keep clean, does not attract lint and will keep you super cool. The inner microsuede lining will wick away moisture from babys skin, keeping them cool on even the hottest day. Comes with integrated hood which can be folded away or removed. Comes with a generous sized pocket on the waist panel which has a zippable section. The flexibility of this carrier, with cross straps and dual adjustabiity means its great for people who struggle to clip the back harness on ruck straps, and great for those with limited mobililty. The lumbar panel, which can be removed, provides exceptional back support, making this a great carrier for people with back problems and it supports the centre of gravity for forward facing carries.  Provides 6 ergonomic hip healthy carrying positions. Comes with adjustable head support which can provide back support for older children, extending the back panel by 5 inches.

lillebaby embossed details lillebaby details 2
Grows from 7lb baby all the way to 45lbs. No extra infant insert required Front, back & hip carries  The design means your baby will be in a natural hip healthy position. Lots of thought went into this from internal pockets to lumbar support
lillebaby all seasons onesize newborn to toddler lillebaby multi position baby carrier Lillebaby all seasons hip healthy lillebaby all seasons lumbar support
lillebaby baby carrier 6 positions
lillebaby 6 positions
katie says I won't lie. This is the carrier I love the most. In fact, I love it so much it is my gift to all my new mum friends. Everything the Complete has, but this carrier is finished in super soft Microcloth which is easily cleaned and doesn't attract lint like cotton can. The inside is finished in Microsuede so again a lovely soft material but it also wicks moisture away, if you find a regular cotton carrier warm you want to try this! It also has less padding so it is lighter, and keeps cool more easily than the Original and All Seasons versions, this also means it is a much tidier fit on more petite frames. 
maebh says This is just pure luxury, take the best baby carrier, then wrap it in the softest most devine material and ta-da - you have the embossed. This feels so good, it almost feels guitly! Also great for people who get super hot carrying as this breathes so well, and like all Lillebaby carriers super easy and flexible so great for all people, especially those with limited movements. I give this carrier 11/10!

Katie maebh Karen
Katie is a Baby Carrier expert who has trained with both Trageschule and Slingbaby. She teaches our baby carrier class every Thursday in our Shop. With over 6 years of baby carrying experience, she has helped hundreds of parents find the perfect carrier for them. You will also find Katie in a wide range of baby carrying videos, shes the only one brave enough to face the lens! Maebh is the founder, and has trained with both Trageschule (Certified Level) and Slingbaby. With 27 years of baby carrying & training under her belt (yes we did mean 27 years - she first carried her son Seamus ~ who is now also a baby carrying consultant! 27 years ago), she felt the need to bring all her knowledge and experience into one website to help many more parents find the love of baby wearing. Karen in our Senior Baby Carrying Service Advisor. Having carried 3 babies for nearly 7 years, Karen has been trained in our Baby Carrying Academy (Did you know, we have trained most of the high street shops staff in how to use baby carriers through our Academy), and is now responsible for thoroughly researching any new carriers we might bring in and ensuring our service level is second to none! 

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Brand:  Lillebaby
Structure:  Buckle
Min Weight:  3.2 Kg
Max Weight:  20.5 kg
No Infant Insert Required:  ✅
Lumbar Support:  ✅
Front Carry:  ✅
Back Carry:  ✅
Hip Carry:  ✅
Cross Straps:  ✅
Ruck Straps:  ✅
Cross & Ruck Straps:  ✅
Dual Adjustable Buckles:  ✅
Hood:  ✅
Pocket:  ✅
Temperature Regulation:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Seat Width Min:  18 cm
Seat Width Max:  38 cm
Body Panel Height Min:  36.5 cm
Body Panel Height Max:  48.5 cm
Straps Length Min:  60.5 cm
Straps Length Max:  113.5 cm
Waist Band Min:  62 cm
Waist Band Max:  120 cm