Ring Sling

ring sing

A ring sling is a piece of material which fastens by passing through two aluminium rings and forms a pocket of material that your baby sits in.

They are worn on one shoulder and most commonly used tummy to tummy with a small baby and for hip carries with larger babies and toddlers.

Very quick and easy to use and take next to no adjustment once you have it “set” so great for quick ups and downs.

Our top tip for ring slings: When tightening, support the weight of you baby with one hand and use the other to pull the fabric through the rings, always in the direction it came from rather than straight down, this will mean it tightens more easily and prevents the rings from slipping down.

Ensure you read our guide to fitting ring slings for help in using your ring sling
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Oscha Ring Sling
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Je Porte Mon Bebe Sling
Babylonia Bb Baby Sling

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